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    This may help to ease any itch and pain. Anal tears fissures are common and probably affect about 1 in people each year. These medicines may sometimes be suggested for people unable to use GTN ointment. Paracetamol is preferable to ease the discomfort of a fissure. An anal tear fissure will usually heal within weeks in most people. This can cause an anal tear fissure to develop. In collaboration with health.

    Abrasions anal sex

    Don't ignore the feeling of needing to pass stools. Paracetamol is preferable to ease the discomfort of a fissure. In most people, the fissure heals within weeks or so but it can take much longer. Anal tears fissures are common and probably affect about 1 in people each year. In a small number of cases, a fissure occurs as part of another condition. Steroids reduce inflammation and they may help to reduce any swelling around a fissure. You will pass much of the fluid as urine. This may help to ease any itch and pain. It is important to use a new condom for each sexual act to protect yourself. Some medications - particularly strong painkillers - can also make you constipated. Other medicines Some studies have shown that other medicines may also help to relax the anal sphincter muscle and increase the blood supply to the area, so helping healing of an anal fissure. In most people, this skin damage will heal quickly without any problems. They're not usually serious but they are most definitely painful! A cream or ointment that contains steroid medication may be prescribed by a doctor if there is a lot of swelling inflammation around the fissure. These then cause more pain when they are finally passed. This permanently reduces the tone pressure around the anus and allows the fissure to heal. It also increases the blood supply to the damaged skin by dilating the blood vessels in that area. This may lead to a vicious circle, as then even larger and harder stools form. In fact, unprotected without a condom anal sex intercourse is considered to be very risky behavior. Women who are pregnant or have recently had a baby are at higher risk of anal fissures, while they are much less common in the elderly. Anal fissures in children The above measures apply to children who have a fissure as much as to adults. GTN ointment may help in some, but not all, cases. Painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen may help to ease the pain but avoid codeine - see below. The success rate with surgery is very high. It is possible for either sex partner to become infected with HIV during anal sex. They are more common in people aged between 15 and 40 years but can occur at any age, including in very young children.

    Abrasions anal sex

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