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    Usually these practices persisted without much alarm for one of two reasons. This illustrates how the ethics of Secular Humanism is enmeshed in the evolutionary concept of survival of the fittest. Well, since ritual circumcision involves the removal of healthy, functional, erogenous tissue from the genitals of a newborn or young child, and since babies and young children are incapable of giving meaningful consent to such a procedure, our principle is obviously violated, and therefore circumcision is unethical on this theory. On the ethics of non-therapeutic circumcision of minors, with a post script on the law. Related to ethical naturalism is also the idea that ethics are best explored, not just using the lens of philosophy, but science as well a science of morality.

    Books on secular ethics and sex

    The book is broad enough to be relevant and appeal to a wider audience than solely the Christian She asks what sort of a person we need to be in order to love justly. White Letter Production Studios. And that means that the very same individuals who are asking for the religious freedom to perform circumcisions in a secular society, might have to be prepared to give up their own right to complain if someone wanted to cut off a part of their body, or interfere with their genitals without their consent. Certainly people like Dieter Graumann, the president of the German Central Council of Jews I mentioned before, has repeated this claim see, e. What I mean is, when something is felt to be unethical, what they actually do is one of two things. They embrace fairness in all actions. The Rabbi actually cuts him off and says: So what should Abraham do? So I need to spend a little bit of time responding to this view, with what would otherwise be a statement of the obvious: More on circumcision in Germany. The tone of the book is exploratory. Farley has written a text that is at once compassionate and wise, inclusive, and moving. This is why classics are and should be read broadly by those within and outside of a field of study, by "experts" and the "general reader. Usually these practices persisted without much alarm for one of two reasons. Because religious convictions are a deep, and certainly emotionally-charged, aspect of the lives of so many, attempts to question a religiously-motivated practice—especially by one who is not religious, or differently religious—can lead to outcomes that are very far from productive. Another point is this—and, again, I wish I were attacking a straw man here, but based on the mainstream, public debate I have seen going on in the last few weeks, I feel that some very basic points about the philosophy of religion need to be brought up as reminders. The book draws heavily throughout on her feminist perspective, and endeavors to balance Scripture, religious tradition, and insights of secular disciplines and contemporary experience in providing a framework based on a somewhat qualified definition of justice as the foundation for norms of love and sex.. Farley, professor emerita of Christian ethics at Yale Divinity School and member of the Sisters of Mary, won the prestigious Grawemeyer award, administered by the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Related to ethical naturalism is also the idea that ethics are best explored, not just using the lens of philosophy, but science as well a science of morality. They are cited here simply to give an indication of some of the most recent Jewish voices opposed to circumcision. Practical Ethics University of Oxford blog. The first objection is that religious circumcision is an ancient tradition, and one that is felt to be very important to the practice of Judaism or Islam. OK, I would like to move on to a second objection that I have heard a number of times in response to the Cologne decision, and one that is potentially a little harder to deal with. I do want to focus, however, on this idea about respect.

    Books on secular ethics and sex

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