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    Isn't that a little It was really awesome to see. All butts are good butts but permission to own what you got and to shake the heck out if it. It's my dancing, my ass, my movement, my choice. Physical movement, especially intense cardio and the loud music helps , helps you get out of your mind and into your body.

    Booty dance sex

    It got me thinking. It's my dancing, my ass, my movement, my choice. I also find it important. Isn't that a little There are a myriad of ways humans have created physical release through movement and dance - this is one of my favorites. Twerking doesn't have to be for everyone. We live in a society where women are often shamed for sexuality. Having fun is imperative to making us better humans. I taught two workshops, one on Bhangra, a joyful folk dance form Northern India and on Sunday morning I taught a Twerkshop. Ladies worked hard, learned a skill, felt empowered and connected and laughed! It was really awesome to see. I often get comments about the fact that I teach twerking. But I think we could all have a healthy dose of shaking it. In our adult lives we face serious situations, work, stress, etc. A weekend full of connection, dance and booty shaking. I am 37 years old, I am responsible, I am a business owner. And it was SO. Ok, so my favorite thing about twerking is that it embraces and celebrates healthy, curvy rear ends. I find that dance classes that encourage healthy, fun sexuality and ownership of the body also encourage healthy, amazing women. It was a really exciting workshop for me, as I was sponsored by The Girlfriend Manifesto , a women's empowerment company. My co-conspirator and hostess, Ayesha, wrote a really awesome blog post about it here. What's wrong with sexy?? Especially in a room full of women in a dance studio, it's not about attention or impressing anyone, it's about doing it for you. To quote Big Freedia, the proclaimed Queen of Bounce and one of the most amazing booty shakers I have ever seen, "release your wiggle, release your mind, release your job, release the time It is important to me that I teach it to adults in safe, non-judgemental situations. As my business turns toward a similar focus, I was really excited for the weekend. Well I would never do that.

    Booty dance sex

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