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    Viewers are more likely to hear a discussion about inappropriate sexual violence than they are to see such behaviors acted out by television characters. If there is a hegemonic view of sexual violence that is perpetuated in film, we would expect it to be modeled in popular film, not just in pornographic or other less popular films. Ignoring these films would leave us with an extremely small sample size and an inability to assess the possible hegemonic nature of sex portrayals in film. Given this consideration, there is still value in examining how rape is depicted in the most popular movies in , especially in a qualitative manner, as a preliminary test of the theoretical assertion that media depictions of rape reinforce myths that support patriarchy. The purpose of this article is not to test the relative strength of any one of these theoretical models. Film genre and audience type were subjective measures based on the coder's overall impressions of the film. News coverage of violence against women: Coders were asked to give their subjective opinion of whether each movie would appeal more to men or women. Expanding the definition of sex allowed us to include many films that contained no actual intercourse, or in many cases even nudity, but that included material and scenarios explicitly related to sex.

    When they spot Tanya, a year-old African American child with pig-tails carrying a grocery sack home for her mother, they throw a beer bottle at her head while riling themselves up with racial slurs. Resistant decodings are more likely available to individuals who already possess knowledge of alternative forms of social action. International Journal of the Sociology of Law, 18, The fellas they got to play the casting agents weren't too shabby, either. Taking gender into account in the "theatre of terror": Intercourse also is infrequently depicted. All of the guards are drinking. Given the media's influence on societal perceptions, it is important to analyze the content of these presentations. And those numbers are sure to grow with the network adding an average of 50 new scenes a month. Particular attention is focused on how and if media images of rape mirror common rape myths found in society. The criminal justice and community response to rape. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, While still on the phone, the doorbell rings and the mother hears choking sounds and screams for help, which are interrupted by the offender hanging up the phone. The opposite was true when it came to opposing rape myths. None of the individuals resorting to vigilante violence was punished by the justice system for their actions. Cultural representations and signifying practices. Females were significantly more likely than males to be portrayed as recipients of sex and aggression rather than initiators. This study does not mention rape, and it is unclear whether or not Rothman et al. How the press covers sex crimes. Sex and the soaps: This argument relies on individual audience members' active participation in consuming media and questioning the prevailing assumptions encoded in the text. The study conducted by Rothman et al. One thing that really helps these scenes is that they did such a good job at picking their models. University of Chicago Press. Married sex included any sex act performed by two individuals married to each other; dating sex consisted of sex between individuals who were shown in the context of either a long-term relationship or in the course of going out together more than one time; an affair involved at least one married individual having sex with an individual who was not their spouse; and casual sex consisted of two individuals, usually strangers, who were not dating or married, having consensual sex. Law and culture in the construction of rape identities.

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