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    Jennifer then discovers the partially open cabinet and begins viewing the albums. She drops the gun and walks outside and then down the street, finally free. The two make contact and try to find out why they are being held. After viewing the albums, Jennifer hears the detective's pager ring, and she goes through his personal belongings. One of them flips the channel to the surveillance video of Jennifer sleeping. Palmer said this enabled her to give herself over to the film's sensitive material. Whether it's emotional bullying or staying with someone because they need to financially but they don't love them anymore—this is the extreme version of that story.

    Captivity sex scene

    She really liked him! They contain personal items taken from her apartment. In many ways, Berlin Syndrome implicates desire—that state in which the body feels "kidnapped," often acting out of accordance with normal behavior—as its own kind of prison. I had to think about my own life and how I treat [women], what kind of respect I have, and how conscious I am of it or not. The expectation—what the audience is waiting for—is as important as what they see. One of the women who was trapped for 18 years [by a kidnapper] said, 'I just want to be clear: She had to shrink that personality right down and strip herself right back to very primal, minimal movement. They both make it to a garage, where they find a car. After a while of Jennifer worrying, she sees Gary being thrown into his cell. We always questioned everything we were putting in there, whilst also being very aware that we needed those moments to make the audience feel satisfied. Then, depression sets in as Clare realizes she is the pawn in a horrific psychodrama. He then gets up to wipe the blood off his nose. Gary joins Ben in the kitchen, where they make sushi. At the sound, he rushes to hide the albums in a cabinet. In the Sundance thriller Berlin Syndrome, he is. And that's what I really love: The man's captor then kills him with a large hammer. She rushes to him and helps him. She was there for three days, and she finally got out. She drops the gun and walks outside and then down the street, finally free. It's a dilemma familiar to many women on a night out: Believing him to be one of her captors, she kills him with a bat. Gary answers the door to find two detectives looking for Ben. Thus begins the five stages of grief. As soon as they are about to start it, gas erupts in the car, knocking them both unconscious. A really good friend of mine from college literally had this exact thing happen to her in Hamburg. And, you know, some of these women were going to parties with men who had trapped them.

    Captivity sex scene

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