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    This would then enable them to proceed with collecting the , signatures. Following a number of physical scuffles between the MP's, the committee eventually agreed to hold two public hearings on the issue over the following two weeks; one hearing chaired by a KMT representative and another hearing chaired by a DPP representative. If they choose the route of specific legislation, they should not present a watered-down version of the civil code but provide same-sex couples the exact same marriage rights as different-sex couples have in the civil code. If the legislature fails to deliver within two years, the court ruled that same-sex couples will automatically be able to marry. Taiwan is not yet one.

    Com sex taiwan

    If they choose the route of specific legislation, they should not present a watered-down version of the civil code but provide same-sex couples the exact same marriage rights as different-sex couples have in the civil code. The lives and identities of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT people will be open to public debate, scrutiny, evaluation and sometimes abuse. If they get those signatures, Taiwan will hold a national referendum on whether to allow same-sex marriage. The Taiwanese legislature could simply amend the definition of marriage in the civil code or introduce new legislation on same-sex marriage. Under the new law, the government will declare the referendum valid if 25 percent of all eligible voters cast ballots, and it will pass with a simple majority in favor of the proposal. Their argument is that the public, as opposed to the court, should be the final arbiter of this important issue. The week I visited Taiwan was the one-year anniversary of the ruling. Part of the responsibility of the legislature and the judiciary is to uphold and protect minority rights. One of four newly wedded couples at a public wedding at Taiwan Pride Ninth Legislative Yuan —present [ edit ] On 23 February , the Referendum Review Committee rejected a proposal put forward by the Faith and Hope League on the grounds that it failed to meet requirements. A referendum on a fundamental rights issue like marriage equality in effect submits the human rights of same-sex couples to a popularity contest, putting them in a vulnerable position. Buddhist same-sex marriage in Taiwan, The Civil Code currently contains provisions that stipulate the rights and benefits of legalized spouses, including social security, inheritance, tax and workers benefits. The proposal would have amended the Civil Code by stating that husband and wife relationships, consanguinity and the principles of human relations cannot be amended unless the public agrees via a referendum. Click here to subscribe for full access. The ruling gave Taiwanese authorities two years to amend marriage laws or pass new legislation to recognize this new reality. Taiwan is not yet one. They must now pass second and third readings before becoming law. Questionable framing aside, these referendums also raise fundamental questions about the validity of plebiscites in tackling equal rights issues. It would have also allowed same-sex couples to adopt children. In my conversations with the vice-president and the members of parliament I suggested that politicians in Taiwan should demonstrate leadership and propose an amendment to the civil code allowing same-sex couples to have the same marriage rights as different-sex couples. Kuomintang KMT and People First Party PFP representatives demanded a nationwide series of hearings be held over a number of months on the issue, while DPP legislators wanted the bills to be reviewed and immediately proceeded with. The Secretary-General of the Executive, Chen Mei-ling , stated that the Cabinet had not decided on how to legalize same-sex marriages — by amending the Civil Code, by establishing a special section of the Civil Code or by creating a special law. Taipei City, a special municipality , had originally referred the question of constitutionality to the Court for resolution in July Had it been approved, the legalization of same-sex marriage would have only been possible through a referendum. For years, Taiwanese activists have pushed for marriage equality. Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world.

    Com sex taiwan

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      In this political climate, an introduction of a separate, special law would seem like a consensus-based, middle ground solution.

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