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    I'm in my mids, single, and don't think I'm hurting anyone. He knew that I was still a virgin and was worried I'd be uncomfortable about his past. But I just had to accept it. It did give me a pang of jealousy to think he'd shared that intimacy with someone else. She lives in a three-bedroom maisonette in Finsbury Park, North London. Since then, I've never simply jumped into bed with someone. He is a Christian, like me, and we spent hours sitting up late, talking, which helped seal our relationship. I never really spoke to my father, Jeff, who's 47 and a mechanic, about my sex life because my parents divorced when I was nine.

    Cvs sex bizarre

    I'm in my mids, single, and don't think I'm hurting anyone. Share or comment on this article: I know that's where the double standards come in, but I'm glad I have been selective. It has taken months, in some cases years, before I've slept with a boyfriend, and that's part of the attraction. She lives in a two-bedroom flat with her boyfriend, Ian Bailey, 22, an engineer, in High Wycombe, Bucks. I don't see why anyone should have a problem with two consenting adults choosing to have sex for pleasure, but there's still one rule for men and another for women. I've slept with 22 men but I have never strayed when I've been in a committed relationship. But I'm pleased we didn't give in. It has been a real struggle to resist temptation at times, especially since we became engaged six months ago. At first, they love my confident, fun-loving attitude but when I tell them about my past, they walk away because they think I'm too promiscuous. I'm not ashamed of anything I've done, but I know other people aren't so open-minded. Even though we've been together for two years we've never shared a room - not even on holiday. As I've got older, I've become increasingly aware that there's still a stigma attached to women having a variety of sexual partners. Those romances fizzled out, and I gradually got to know Tom as a friend. She has been married twice. Since then, I've never simply jumped into bed with someone. Sarah Hamilton, 34, is an international promotions manager for a record company. Here, femail asked five women to reveal their sexual CVs - with surprising results. Most of the one-night stands I've had have been sexually, emotionally and socially unfulfilling. But for me, it was nothing like that. I lost my virginity quite late, when I was 17, to a boyfriend I dated for a couple of months. But I still think women should have sex for its own sake if they want to - it just doesn't work for me. Like most students, I had my fair share of drunken dalliances and wild nights, and this lifestyle continued when I started a career in the music industry. I'd been out with two boys in the past and both relationships had been fun, but I had made it clear that I didn't want to sleep with anyone before marriage. But I've always talked to my mother, Jane, who's 46 and works as a probate assistant, about everything.

    Cvs sex bizarre

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      Quite the opposite is true. We both know we weren't virgins when we met, but that's as much as I wanted to say.

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      I met Tom at university in London three years ago, when we were both studying for degrees in theology. I willingly let my friends believe I've slept with about 12 men, simply to fit in.

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