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    My eyes linger on her long tanned legs and her firm young breasts bulging under her thin white top. James instructed his daughter to lay back in the bed. She had never really thought about how big his cock might be but she never would have imagined he was packing this much meat in his pants. He was still facing away from his daughter. Once more Tabi felt the sting of his hand and her ears rang inside her head. Then came the housing crash of

    Daddys girl sex

    James wanted in her pussy before he dumped his sperm. He still managed to fuck her every few weeks just because it was better than jerking off but there was no passion in it any more. She made it to the hallway but James was stronger and faster and grabbed his daughter by the wrist. She knew from his groans he was enjoying how she used her mouth up and down on his dick. He poured himself another cup of coffee and began wiping down the counter tops and started a load of laundry. To the brink again — then back! That purple whale tail thong that peeps raunchily above the top of her blue jeans so tight they look spray painted onto her naked body. Astride me on top riding my rod with her breasts bouncing, gasping with pleasure the way her mother used to! That so short skirt flew up too, high up those long, tanned, so shapely, so wide spread legs, showing white knickers taut over her cheeky young bottom. Her wet sloppy pussy gushed a second load then another. She popped his cock back into her mouth and began sucking his cock rock hard again. The thin cloth seems to remember the shape of her body, with a bulge where the front would cover the mound between her legs, and a faint yellow stain just where her slit would be. Sliding his jeans off his hips and legs he stepped out of them leaving them in a pile on her bedroom floor. James continued rubbing her soft ass with his cupped hand. I rummage through white bras from high street stores and white cotton knickers. He was busy ticking of the items on his list when he heard his daughter shuffling down the bedroom hallway toward the kitchen. My wife stacks her bras and panties so neatly. James moaned out deeply as his baby girl worked her magic mouth over his tool. Tabitha grasped her ankles with both hands and pulled her legs up higher and wider. He thought to himself it was going to be one of those days again where his daughter acted like a bitch. Her demeanor no longer defiant but cringing. Letting her get to her feet but still holding her hair he thrust her toward her bed. Each dominating stroke jostled her limber body, her huge soft tits jiggled with every deep, vigorous stroke he made into her cunt. To James it was emasculating to do the cooking and cleaning and run the errands but this was his role each time he found himself between odd jobs. James watched his daughter play with her pussy for several seconds. Medium height, pale complexion with raven black hair, and bright blue eyes. She had idolized her father during all those years.

    Daddys girl sex

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