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    She had never really thought about how big his cock might be but she never would have imagined he was packing this much meat in his pants. She complied slowly and carefully fearing another slap, but mainly due to her ass being so tender it hurt to move her legs. He instructed her to spread her legs further apart and she did so quickly so as not to incite another round of spanking. With her ears ringing and her head swimming she could see her father standing over her shaking his finger and ranting but could not make out all his words. Tabitha often did things that irritated James on purpose. He rubbed his thick shafted dick and tugged at his heavy scrotum to loosen his balls from their clenched position. I just found the most amazing thing!

    Daughter sex toy story

    She knew from his groans he was enjoying how she used her mouth up and down on his dick. How have I lived my entire life up to this point completely ignorant of the magic of swimming pool jets? James opened the fridge and took out a beer and opened the cap. I mean, the jets gave me my first moment of clitoral awareness, so naturally made quite an impression. It finally died in —by that time, the clear plastic was discolored and the technology seriously outdated. Her wrinkled asshole made a pink star in her pale flesh. She had put on too much weight for is taste, looking like the Michelin man with tits. In a more conservative setting, I may have been teased, even shamed; in this hippie NorCal beach town, the kids are jealous and awe-struck and I can feel them looking at me with a newfound sense of admiration. The year is When the head glistened wetly in her fluids he pressed his cock into Tabitha parting her meaty lips and opening her fuck hole. Slowly in the beginning but now that she was twenty one she had no use for him at all. She had been fingering herself as she sucked his cock. After eating he would shower and shave when she was finished in the bathroom. Her shirt was open enough in the front to make it obvious she was not wearing a bra. He had been the shop foreman in a custom door and cabinet factory for seventeen years. Her legs and the bottom of her ass hung out from the shirt as she made her way past James. So far there had only been inappropriate touching but nothing taboo had happened between them and she wanted him to stop. James answered her with five fast swats on her butt. James wanted in her pussy before he dumped his sperm. Furious that his daughter had stopped him while he licked her pussy, James stood and raised his hand to strike his daughter again. He leaned back from working her tail hole to examine her cunt. Tabitha set her cup and dish on the counter not even attempting to put them into the dishwasher he had just emptied. Tabitha did as instructed. She was the town pump so to speak. She was about to get fucked by her own father and she was painfully aware there was nothing she could do to stop him. Who even knows where anything is at this point?

    Daughter sex toy story

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      Tabitha pulled her mouth upward then pressed back down, moistening his tool with her tongue so it would slid smoothly over her trembling lips. James answered her with five fast swats on her butt.

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      James was grateful that she had the means to keep them afloat but not having a decent paycheck of his own made him feel less of a man. He pressed his tongue even deeper into her ass and she moaned out loud in response to his effort.

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      James started to drain the second beer when Tabitha finished her coffee and joined him in the kitchen area.

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