• Different sex positions for different heights


    If you really want to up your accessories game, consider a sex swing. Source Missionary With A Twist Okay, missionary is classic, obviously, and this missionary with a twist will step it up a notch. They can hold you by your hips to get the right angle and adjust according to how long your legs are. Try a strap designed for doggy style. It will really help! Have standing sex on the stairs.

    Different sex positions for different heights

    Whether the shorter partner needs to stand on one stair or three! The sitting is key here: That means using your long legs to get it on with your bae. Use a pillow to cushion knees. Try spooning for couples with very different heights, or if the receiving partner is curvier. If you want some tips, check out these amazing sex positions to try if you are taller than your partner. It can be hard to actually have sex with someone shorter than you, but there are some ways to combat that problem! Sportsheets sells a "Plus Size Doggie Strap" as well as a smaller-size model that gives the penetrating partner better access and the receiving partner more internal stimulation during sex from behind. Have your bae stand in front of you as you sit on a stool and wrap your legs around them. Sex swings are completely height-adjustable cha-ching , and many can be conveniently hung over doors — providing all of the benefits of sex against a wall with none of the buckling knees or crashing to the ground. The key is to use your height to your advantage. Have your bae kneel with their legs spread, and raise your legs and they penetrate you. This means having sex on chairs, sitting up, or having one of your kneel. This can also make penetration deeper and take strain off joints. If you want to make it a little bit easier, stand close to a wall or something you can lean on. Oct 17, 1: Missionary can be tricky, so move the action to a table or counter. Source The Spread Use those long legs for good, right? The taller you are, the wider you can spread your legs, which means the deeper the penetration. Invest in a sex swing. It will really help! The receiver can wrap their legs around their partner for added intimacy. Have your bae stand at the edge of the bed as your lay down. When having sex with someone who might be a few inches bellow you, you want to try and level the playing field as much as possible. Have standing sex on the stairs. Source The Butterfly The butterfly is perfect for girls with long legs, since they can rest on your partner's shoulder.

    Different sex positions for different heights

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    Sex Positions Attempted by Real Couples with a Height Difference

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