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    Every looner goes in for a different kind of balloon, Burney notes: When it comes to materials, Burney isn't talking about popping party balloons you'd pick up in the grocery store. A Therapist at Work with Sexual Secrets. Someone with a fetish might get turned on by feet, or by the feel of silk or latex, or by the experience of wearing women's underwear, explains Golden, whose latest book, published in , is In the Grip of Desire: He gives credit to his ex, who's still a friend, for being supportive. If that strikes you as hard to understand, join the club. Of course he was a castaway on a desert island.

    Having sex balloons video

    As for Christopher, he demonstrates his erotic love of balloons. He cuddles them and coddles them, but insists the relationship is purely platonic. While he calls the kink harmless, he does advise other looners, especially "poppers," to wear glasses and earplugs as a precaution. So far he's dabbled in amateur porn, uploading clips to the website Clips4Sale. I can't believe how many looners there are out there. But, as he explains in a YouTube video called "Why I Have a Balloon Fetish," he especially loves watching women blow up balloons until they burst. As a child he remembers coming home from school and pleasuring himself with a balloon. Each night, he tucks one under his shirt and sleeps with the chosen balloon. And for years, Burney, who turns 30 this week, kept that kink a secret, convinced that no one else could possibly find sexual pleasure in something as strange as inflating and popping a balloon. When dating, he says, he takes the tack of telling women sooner rather than later about his unusual turn-on. Researchers make careers out of trying to understand desire. And he has fathered 65, of them. The show made a brief mention of balloons. For Chris Burney, "anything" happens to be balloons. These attractions are defined paraphilias by the psychiatric Diagnostics and Standards Manual DSM5 as "intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges or behaviors generally involving nonhuman objects. He has a go-to kink that he knows will turn him on, he explains: Christopher's fetish was so intense, he moved from Rutland, Vt. He began outing himself to the other people in his life. In footage shot for the Learning Channel's show "Strange Sex," he appears excited, breathless and a bit nervous as he blows up an enormous orange balloon. Every looner goes in for a different kind of balloon, Burney notes: Burney's fetish falls into the second camp; while balloons provide a source of pleasure, they aren't mandatory for his sex life. He sports a goatee and close-cropped hair, along with lip and eyebrow piercings. Next, Burney started speaking publicly about his fetish. He says he felt increasingly that, at a terrible time in his life, it was important to be true to himself. They are a part of who I am

    Having sex balloons video

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      He says he felt increasingly that, at a terrible time in his life, it was important to be true to himself.

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      That included doing an extended interview on an episode of "Strange Sex" and starting a YouTube channel. His father died six months into his chemotherapy treatment.

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