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    If you like Kayla's look then you'll definitely like her site. Part of the benefit of joining KaylaBanks. Kayla offers 21 videos in addition to her picture galleries. She has a super sexy body as well with a great set of B cup breasts, a slim stomach, and a tight ass. The content isn't dated, so it's impossible to tell if updates are made with any regularity or if the content has been static for months and will never be updated. Most sets consist of Kayla putting on a sexy striptease, posing nude, and eventually playing with herself. They get pretty passionate about it, making it well worth watching. You can chat with her though, so that's a nice feature.

    Kayla banks sex

    You can also download the full video in one clip if you prefer. Her member's area is simply designed with preview images from the latest pictures and videos on the index page and nothing more. She also offers dildo play content, fun stuff like chocolate syrup, and more. She promises to amaze you with the places she gets naughty, many of which appear to be in the great outdoors. Full Review Kayla has those all American good looks that every guy is attracted to. There are also a few galleries where she uses chocolate syrup on her body, making herself sticky and sexy. Her tour shows screencaps from video clips and a number of pictures from her various updates. She enjoys shaking her ass in front of the camera and torturing you with its tightness. You can chat with her though, so that's a nice feature. Kayla offers 53 picture galleries as of May 23, , with most featuring over images. She also breaks from that mold every so often to entertain us with sexier stuff. It's a very sexy video and I downloaded all four clips. My favorite video is called Ass and Pussy Play and is shot from behind as Kayla lies on her stomach on her bed. Many of the galleries take place outdoors, with sets taken at the beach, in the middle of a field, lakeside, and on the road. The network is enormous and features more than 30 sites in various genres. She appeared to be standing in the middle of the road as she slowly stripped her clothes off, revealing her tight body underneath. She also enjoys masturbating while doing so, giving you the pleasure of watching her get off. It's not clear how the cam show works though. You can watch as she penetrates herself with a dildo, fingers her pussy in close up, and has an orgasm on camera. There are a few where she uses a dildo to up the pleasure levels. The strongest impression I got from the videos was that Kayla is a girl who knows she's beautiful and loves to take advantage of that fact. Some girls aren't willing to commit to video entertainment, but Kayla's definitely not one of them. I didn't see anything for loading up a video player, so it might be that the page is refreshed every so often with stills taken from a webcam mounted on her computer. There's a nav bar to browse to the different sections at the top and there's nothing more you need. Then she grabs her dildo and begins to gently penetrate herself, first driving it into her pussy and then teasing her asshole with the tip. In her images Kayla fosters the image of an all American cutie by posing in cute bikinis, tank tops and t-shirts, tight jeans, and other cute outfits.

    Kayla banks sex

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      One photo set I enjoyed quite a bit featured Kayla outdoors at night wearing a very sexy black tank top and a short denim skirt.

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