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    It is suggested to go as early as possible at the start of drop-in clinic times and no later than 30 minutes before the end of the clinic. Critical Reflections on the Regulation of Prostitution, Aldershot: Acknowledgements I am very grateful to all the people who participated in my research and contributed their insights. The position of independent sex workers was similar to that of self-employed lone traders in other labour market sectors. Policy documents such as the Coordinated Prostitution Strategy Home Office, have tended to present a picture of sex work that does not reflect diversity within indoor settings and fails to acknowledge the possibility of voluntary commercial sexual exchange Sanders, However, this model has been criticised on many grounds, particularly because it appears to have resulted in a more dangerous and stigmatised working environment for sex workers Levy and Jakobsson, Sex work would be understood as a form of labour, which would enable incidences of exploitation to be addressed. These clinics will be able to offer you free, confidential services offering a choice of walk-in or appointments to provide all your sexual health needs, including:

    Loughborough sex trade

    Recognition of sex work as a form of labour, however, does not preclude considerations of exploitation or interrelated issues such as labour market segregation and relative power and disadvantage. Despite the diversity of adult sex work, no distinction is made in law or policy between good or poor management practices, or between supportive or exploitative environments. You can see a Health Advisor for a confidential chat or just information: Fifteen female participants worked as independent or agency escorts and nine female sex workers were based in managed premises, whereas the nine male and three transgender participants worked independently. Nonetheless, further research may be required to explore whether there are gender-specific issues which policies need to consider. Employment relationships and self-employment in indoor settings The UK sex industry is characterised by non-standard working arrangements, particularly self-employment Cruz, By criminalising paying for sex, it is possible that some clients who are more respectful may be deterred, leaving a higher proportion of clients with no regard for the law. As participants observed, the internet was important because it enabled them to establish an online profile with relatively minimal effort or start-up costs, and facilitated networking and communication with clients. Appointments take place at ordinary surgeries which will help to preserve your confidentiality. Cleo, an independent worker who had previously worked in parlours, noted that in comparison with employment in other sectors: My research found variations in modes of self-employment comparable to those in the broader economy. Workers would find it problematic to be transparent about their status, as this could pose a threat to their clients and thus the independent sector would become even more hidden. For the most up to date practice and appointment information visit www. As a result of inconsistent laws, sex workers are faced with a contradictory situation where, although it is not illegal for one consenting adult to sell sex to another, a number of measures constrain their working circumstances. If you cannot keep your appointment please telephone: Sex work would be understood as a form of labour, which would enable incidences of exploitation to be addressed. Labour rights and protections in managed premises should, in principle, provide a basis for addressing variable conditions and inequalities, for sex workers and those in supporting roles. I was a crab dresser on the fish market. Sasha, a worker in a managed flat, observed that if problems did arise, workers had no formally recognised mechanisms for asserting their rights, either in relation to managers or clients: The preferred approach for many sex worker activists is decriminalisation 2 of adult sex work, which in principle allows it to be regulated along the same lines as other industries Koken, While policy guidance from the Association of Chief Police Officers places emphasis on safeguarding sex workers, the law is applied inconsistently across the UK. For example, Carol had moved from selling sex to managing a small flat, where she worked with friends. Decriminalisation would remove some of the barriers to establishment of collective enterprises, as sex workers should be afforded the same freedoms as other workers to develop small businesses. The research on which this article draws was funded by the ESRC grant no. Nonetheless, there are key players in the sex industry who influence its regulation Scoular and Sanders, , and this raises the question of whether a mainstreamed industry might favour the interests of larger business operators over those of smaller cooperatives.

    Loughborough sex trade

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      Sometimes participants undertook sex work alongside an occupation in the formal economy. While lack of alternatives and economic pressures are often seen as motivations for engagement in sex work, it is important to recognise that sex work may also be actively chosen, particularly when considering independent or collective arrangements, which have been given less attention in policy debates than other areas of work in the industry.

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      For those who had worked in the unregulated economy for most of their lives, any savings put by from their work could represent retirement income and thus there were significant risks for mature workers.

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      While collective working could address some of the disadvantages of lone working, however, there were implications not only in relation to the laws on brothel-keeping and controlling for gain discussed earlier, but also in terms of potential breach of tenancy agreements.

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      Other legislation includes the Proceeds of Crime Act Great Britain, , which allows for assets to be seized if individuals are deemed to be keeping or letting premises for use as a brothel or living on the earnings of another's prostitution. Working in a more structured environment could also enable a clearer demarcation between work and private life, which was important for those who hid their working life from family and friends, and was also seen by some as beneficial for their work-life balance:

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