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    You will at least need to use something because, unlike the vagina, the ass does not produce its own natural lubricant, and sex will be miserable without it. Vaseline is pure petroleum jelly. If the lube starts to feel like it's wearing out, apply more. These are all oil-based products. Applying a lubricant to the penis solves both of these problems.

    Male sex jack lube

    Oil-based lube Many males start with oil-based lubes when they start masturbating. Water-based lubes are available at any of the national drug store chains CVS, etc. How can I buy lube without being embarrassed about it? For the amount you get, it is cheaper than expensive silicone lubes and is composed of an organic coconut oil and organic silicone blend. The brilliance of Crisco is that most expensive fisting lubes on the market today all more or less copy the old-school original — a simple vegetable shortening sold for a few dollars at every grocery store. They are latex condom-safe but longer-lasting than basic water-based lubes. While they are technically sex drugs, few would rank them on the same scale as crystal meth and cocaine. Wash your butt afterward with water and a simple, organic soap — I highly recommend Dr. Applying a lubricant to the penis solves both of these problems. Pjur Back Door Silicone Anal Lube If I am planning for a lengthy session or if I'm going to a dance party that may feature a playroom or spacious bathrooms , spit is not going to cut it, so I rely on my favorite store-bought lube — Pjur Back Door silicone anal lube. It is slick and completely organic. Yes, J-Lube was designed for animals. If the store doesn't have self-service, in most places, the cashier doesn't know you and doesn't remember purchases from one minute to the next anyway. Elbow Grease Elbow Grease is a great masturbation lube that can usually be found at most sex stores. It will coat the anal lining and will not wash out with water because it is, by nature, water-resistant. Most guys apply a few drops of lube to the palm of the hand they use to masturbate just before they begin. All material is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional or medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. A brand which might be found in drug and discount stores is K-Y Intense Arousal. Since masturbating often means making two strokes in each direction per second, the possibilities are good that a male will cause a burn on his penis at some point. What different kinds of lube are there to masturbate with? I have only used Elbow Grease for masturbation, so I cannot testify to its use in sex. Simply put, these products are filled with super-slick ingredients that are not only hypoallergenic but safe to consume orally, so if you want to suck between rounds of anal sex, this is a good lube to use. Spit is very carnal, and the sex is automatically rougher, since it will never get your ass or penis as slick as store-bought lubes will, no matter how much you use and your salivary glands can only produce so much. Click a button to go to a popular page on this site: I kept it in my shower to lube up my douche before cleaning out. I always buy the silicone because I use it when I clean out in the shower prior to sex. Astroglide is one of the easier brands to find in stores — most pharmacy chains carry it.

    Male sex jack lube

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