• Overweight and sexy


    You deserve to feel sexy in your clothes, wahtever that means for you. You're allowed to fall in love with yourself. You are more than enough. You do NOT need to settle for a lover who is "okay" with your body. Go for your the best sex you can have! In the last few months, I've had over 30 women ranging from rail thin to extra large naked in my bed and I would routinely ask them to hug their knees. This will be the scariest thing you will ever do, and that's okay.

    Overweight and sexy

    You're stunning because of your body. If you feel sexy in spandex, fill your closet with it! You're full of shit. It's also okay to have days where you don't love yourself. You can probably count on one hand when you have seen a woman of size enjoying romance or sex of any kind in a mainstream show or movie, right? Some of the activities instructed us simply to make facial expressions at ourselves in the mirror for the length of a song, or to move freely around the room while maintaining eye contact with ourselves in the mirror. It taught me how to be more comfortable with how I look and getting feedback from my teacher and classmates gave me a lot of confidence, too! I thought that my best bet in life was to find a partner who accepted my fat. You have the right and millions of opportunities to find someone who is infatuated with your body. So I would have to settle. After all, how could a conventionally gorgeous man tall and with tattoos of course like fat chicks? Share it in the comments below, and let's keep this conversation going. My guess is that if you have a job, a partner, kids, life, friends, a household — you likely keep things going and organized by planning and plotting. Riding during sex will NOT collapse his insides. When people genuinely compliment you, it's because they really see it. Why grown adults leave their sex life to chance is beyond me. I mean, when is the last time you saw a fat woman as the romantic lead in a movie or TV show? What else belongs on this list? I won't spill the details of my bedroom coming and goings, but let's just say this: You deserve to feel sexy in your clothes, wahtever that means for you. I would recommend reading Emily's article on xoJane for a better explanation of what I'm struggling to say. You are the best thing that has ever happened to you. It doesn't make you vain. Being kind and compassionate creates that yummy oxytocin, which creates so much goodwill between partners. If I make it a priority, then I am intentional. You do NOT need to settle for a lover who is "okay" with your body.

    Overweight and sexy

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