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    Focus on what feels good and, once you are happy, leave. If the type of sex your partner is giving you isn't what you want, leave. However, part of sexual readiness is being emotionally prepared for the consequences of sex, one of which is how those you love and respect regard your choice. Adding sex back into the mix, however, will always resurface feelings of love and attraction. A healthy sex life fits in with everything you're about, including: We rightly expect them to learn how to do that, and do it enthusiastically rather than under compulsion , because it is so emotionally important to us as women. If you believe that sex should be reserved for marriage, for someone you love, for people older than yourself, etc. Having sex will make me popular. We women think of sex as being primarily a physical need for a man:

    People who want to have sex

    When you see someone again the next day, be kind and cordial -- a hug and hello is not the same as asking for a date. Intimacy can be a healthy reason to have sex, so long as the components of sexual readiness discussed in Part 1 are in play. Sex works the exact same way for most men. Have a sense of humor about everything, enjoy each other's company, and keep things light. Any reason for not wanting to, then, is a good reason not to. Now, yes, there are sometimes physical or emotional things that get in the way, and if that is true of you, please seek out professional help to address those issues. Trying to "work through" it, or convince someone to drop their feelings and go back to something less intense will never work, and the longer you stay together the stronger the feelings will get. Have your boundaries set before you head out for the night and stick to them, as this will protect you and your heart from getting too invested. This includes sleeping with close friends, as your existing connection, when mixed with sex, leaves very little separating you from becoming a couple. More importantly -- are you enjoying the "No Strings Attached" lifestyle? You are constantly evolving, growing, and changing, and your sexual preferences are no exception. Eighteen percent of teens in the survey above reported the desire to be popular as a reason for choosing to have sex. We women think of sex as being primarily a physical need for a man: But there is also no need to act ashamed, awkward, or aloof when with someone. After orgasm women release a hormone called oxytocin, also known as the "cuddle chemical" that mimics feelings of connection and love. Check out the article, The Hymen: Focus on what feels good and, once you are happy, leave. If you've established with your partner that you are seeing other people casually as well, mix things up so that you don't fall too far for one person. Don't stay over and cuddle, go on dates, or spend time talking late into the night. It should not be demanded in exchange for something else, such as the maintenance of a relationship. Some people are never interested in having sex. A direct line on pleasure, instead of intimacy, is crucial to keep the relationship from developing into broader feelings. Other people prefer not to cuddle after the fact, or won't hook up with strangers. Want to learn more about how men think, feel, and process the world around them? Is once a week okay? Gifts, dates, and sleepovers all lead to more intimate feelings.

    People who want to have sex

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      If the other person is having sex with you for, say, reasons of reputation, you stand to get hurt when your desire for love and a sense of worth fall through. Adolescence is a time of intense emotional, intellectual, psychological and physical development.

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