• Reducing your sex drive


    Check into antidepressants; there's a bunch that are notorious for the negative sexual side effects. Have you asked her what's going on in her head, to make her feel the way she does and respond the way she does to your advances? You're just the sap who's rationalizing your own desires away. Hit the court, or the pool, or something. I assume there's a lot of great things about this woman, otherwise, why would you have been with her 8 years? The importance of sex in marriage can be overstated--the importance of sex can be overstated, period especially in sex advice columns.

    Reducing your sex drive

    Maybe tell her that on a weekday night when she gets home, you'd like to have sex before doing anything else, and then order a pizza so there's no cooking or dishwashing that night. Just building a habit of observing yourself, seeing where impulses are really coming from, and sitting back and letting them go where they're really headed. Maybe a job on wall street? In fact, I feel guilty for wanting her to do something that she obviously doesn't want to, hence the question: Any talk of sex or sexual touching outside of the bedroom is unacceptable as well. If you are okay with that, then go ahead and marry her. Nobody makes this much of a self-abnegating cry for help of an ask-me question not after being a member for 1. He gets this question a few times a year. Tired is one thing. If I'm not in the mood for sex, I'm not in the mood for a penis in my mouth. We had a zillion other problems and this is not the only reason he's ex-Mr. There's a difference between one partner wanting sex four times a week while the other wants it once a week and a partner being viscerally disgusted at the suggestion of an utterly normal part of a healthy sexual relationship. And maybe you don't rely on sex at all. But I wonder if you're confusing "reducing desire" with "dealing with desire that isn't going to get fulfilled. You love her right? Why not help her relax first? If she really absolutely won't have the above conversation ever, then I have to jump on the bandwagon and say DTMFA because in that case this isn't going to get better, and will likely get worse. You love this girl and want to marry her, fine, but your sex drives are incompatible. I have career tracks and a huge mess of obligations that I likely need to trim, but I love them. Llama, but it's a compatibility issue -- this is important -- neither one of us was really inclined to work out. Although many women still have satisfying sex during menopause and beyond, some experience a lagging libido during this hormonal change. If she tells you to go right ahead, I think marriage isn't in the cards for you, my friend. Which is why he and his partner might benefit from a professional being involved. Sexuality is huge in a relationship, and if you're with someone, you need to acknowledge and respect their kinks as an essential part of who they are. And that is an ok decision, but you should acknowledge it as a decision, rather than pretending that you are seeking other options or that you are seriously engaged in a process of change. But unless you have a healthy working relationship with your own sexuality, and are taking a look at your whole relationship with your GF, that's a hard call for you to make, let alone for Dude On The Internet, MD. I'd call it abusive, honestly, and if it isn't abusive it's completely unloving and assholeish.

    Reducing your sex drive

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