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    Call this input proc routine as many times as needed to deliver as many events as should be delivered. All screens must have a depth of 32 or less unless you use an X extension to allow a greater depth. The inverse function returns a region that is the pBox minus the region passed in. In fact, each instance of a drawable is associated with a given screen. This routine used by DIX when tracking the pointing device and deciding whether to report mouse events or change the cursor.

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    The caller must not have modified the contents of the request buffer in any way e. Another use would be to have one point at a constant 0, with the other pointing at some mask containing 1s for each input device that has something pending. If the complete request is not available, the function returns NULL; pointers to partial requests will never be returned. TimerCancel will cancel the specified timer. Early X releases implemented this functionality using block and wakeup handlers, but this has been rewritten to use a general timer facilty, and the internal screen saver facilties reimplemented to use Timers. The connection timeout can be set from the command line. The procedure pointers to the region operators are located in the ScreenRec data structure. You should deliver the events in the same order that they were generated. X uses the pixel as its fundamental unit of distance on the screen. A DevicePtr is simply a pointer to a DeviceRec. The device will appear to be dead to the user. But DIX sometimes needs to know the time and the OS layer needs to know the time since the last hardware input event in order for the screen saver to work. In addition, you must register the main keyboard and pointing devices by calling RegisterPointerDevice and RegisterKeyboardDevice. This does not automatically "wakeup" the client, but the function called is free to do so by calling: They may be in the form of several blocks of bytes delivered in sequence; requests may be broken up over block boundaries or there may be many requests per block. Fill in the following fields in the xEvent record: Making direct calls is faster on many architectures. The pointing device must report all button press and release events. Your routines must be able to handle a situation where the newReg is the same region as one of the other region arguments. All screens in a given server must agree on a set of pixmap image formats PixmapFormat to support depth, number of bits per pixel, etc. The caller can avoid unnecessary reallocation and copying by declaring the probable maximum number of rectangles that this region will need to describe itself. ErrorF and FatalError take a printf type of format specification in the first argument and an implementation-dependent number of arguments following that. The server receives this request from its port and checks where it came from to see if it is on the server's list of "trustworthy" hosts to talk to. A new client is created by calling the DIX routine: By placing the appropriate code in the Font Library, you will automatically export fonts in that format both through the X server and the Font server.

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      No more X requests will be processed for this client until ClientWakeup is called. If the complete request is not available, the function returns NULL; pointers to partial requests will never be returned.

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