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    Further investigation of tape distribution and recall mechanisms, anonymity, and status issues in selecting those who make recordings, and cost implications of the method would be helpful in order to fully assess to what extent the method described here can really compliment existing peer education approaches with sex workers. We also wanted to experiment with different styles of presentation. Of these, 12 said that the tape had definitely affected their working practice, making them more conscious of health and safety aspects of their work, particularly in relation to client well-being, potentially violent clients and vetting strategies, and the finer points of domination practice. The course organizers reported that the genital areas were all drawn very large and no other organs were depicted Boucher and White, Outreach projects have also increasingly been criticized for their rather narrow focus on HIV prevention and sexual health. Two sex workers did not answer this question. This insert was designed to include an abstract image on the outside cover so that sex workers could potentially take the tape home without others instantly knowing it contained information relating to sex work. This time limit was contingent on restricted funding. Enjoyed the fact that the anecdotes were funny.

    Safe sex street hustler education

    This distribution took place over a time limited 2-month period, from April to May Some of our frustrations with this initial pilot evaluation clearly stem from the tension between limiting the length and depth of the evaluation questionnaire so that it appeared quick and easy to explain, complete and collect, and at the same time provided enough depth to sustain a thorough investigation of the findings. I would have been interested in [ Other suggestions included more on: Starting with content and design issues, the editing process and the resultant balance of extracts included was broadly judged as credible and acceptable, which may simply highlight the wider claim for peer education of the value of using language adapted to the target group Europeer, This paper sets out one small pilot project undertaken with sex workers in the UK. The more times I was turning, the more has I was road. The authors selected extracts through consultation with three of the seven sex workers who gave the oral history material and the outreach worker collaborator. I got myself in some bad situations using drugs and dating. The broad promise of the method lies in a range of appealing features that are intellectual we share attitudes and opinions with people we socialize with , financial as it often relies on committed volunteers or low paid workers and emotional requiring coordinated, consensual activity with altruistic motives Hart, The four aims of the pilot project are listed in Figure 1. Pilot evaluation All those who heard the tape were asked to fill in a brief item self-completion questionnaire Figure 4. From here we set up collaboration with a key gate-keeper at a project with established networks with female sex workers in London. The paper sets out strengths and weaknesses of the pilot method, linking these to broader critical reflections on issues raised about peer education to, for and by sex workers. Considering our third aim to explore the potential impact on sex workers' life skills, a relatively high proportion of sex worker respondents commented that the tape had an impact in changing the way they worked. Hence, in comparison to outreach approaches in the UK, the tape method appeared to offer complimentary specialist knowledge. It was estimated that over a 2-month period, the outreach worker distributing the tapes would be able to access about 40 women. The comments suggested that the initiative was important in sharing detailed knowledge from sex workers who have specialized in the provision of domination services, who can provide information not commonly available to health professionals or to sex workers working in fairly isolated situations. Peer education embraces a range of complex, dynamic methods that are rarely clearly differentiated Turner and Shepherd, Extract examples from the full transcript of the tape are included as Figure 2 to give a flavour of the range of material included. Advanced Search Abstract This paper presents an account of a pilot project to design and implement an innovative, sex-worker-driven approach to peer education in London. These were issues mentioned by those interviewed as ideas that sex workers wanted to pass on to other people doing the same job or stories of how they had learned some of the subtleties of working more safely. She played the tape to groups of sex workers who came to the weekly drop-in. Learn to know when they are getting ready to come so you can pull them out and jack them off with your hand. The assumption that forms the basis of the initiative described in this paper is that this in part relies on experimentation with small-scale innovations. It was reported anecdotally to us by outreach project workers and sex workers working in London chambers that many sex workers were choosing to enter this specialist form of sex work, but with a lack of knowledge, putting both their own and their client's health at risk.

    Safe sex street hustler education

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      And the parents approved! From here we set up collaboration with a key gate-keeper at a project with established networks with female sex workers in London.

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      In terms of funding policies, it has been suggested by some commentators that intrusion is based on an unstated policy to protect clients from HIV, rather than through any real health concern for sex workers Alexander, ; Overs,

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