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    Polygamy tends to be de-individualizing, particularly for women and children. It would treat homosexual sex as if it entitled people to special treatment, apart from a demonstration of its objective value relative to wider social goods and ends. The flipside of the romantic grounding of marriage upon love and willing commitment is a strong divorce culture, because for a significant percentage of marriages, what began as a willing and loving commitment will not always remain that way. It is at points like this, when the underlying values of the divorce culture break the surface and meet us head on — and especially when we are asked to affirm and celebrate them — that we have the duty to resist them. However, the positive statements that Jesus makes about marriage clearly reveal that he is speaking about something quite different from same-sex relationships. These condemnations do not focus merely upon culturally contingent forms of homosexual practice, but draw our attention to the essential form of homosexual relations themselves. Do you accept that sexual orientation is not a choice?

    Same sex marriage questions

    Does it cause you any concern that you disagree with their interpretation of the Bible? It is worth remembering that polygamy is typically practised in more conservative religious communities. Gender difference also introduces greater asymmetry in relationships and, hence, imbalances of power. As I have already remarked, many opponents of same-sex marriage believe that it is an impossible entity, so it should not surprise us that Jesus never spoke about it, just as he never spoke against women being fathers. They are more general kinship-forming unions, rather than the equivalent of marriages. Same-sex marriage typically denies that children need both a father and a mother. Some, especially John Boswell, have argued that the adelphopoiesis ceremony was designed to create marriage-like unions between members of the same sex in a Christian context. The difference that this makes is huge. The marital union between a husband and a wife is an icon of the unity of the human race, both in its source and its telos. The problem with same-sex marriage is that it establishes this system of values as the new orthodoxy, the public meaning of marriage, accelerating the change in what marriage means for everyone and making reversal of these unhealthy trends exceedingly difficult. Further to this, the love and commitment of individual couples has always had a rather uneasy relationship to marriage as an institution. The common conservative Christian way of reasoning on the subject of same-sex marriage begins with the divine commands against homosexual practice and works from those to the illegitimacy of same-sex marriage. This is the reason why one would really struggle to find evidence of laws against same-sex marriages throughout various societies over the course of human history: If not, do you feel comfortable affirming something that is not explicitly affirmed in the Bible? The families and friends of lesbian and gay couples who are denied marriage rights may also experience negative physical and mental health consequences similar to those experienced by their loved ones. Do same-sex couples make fit parents? Sexual unions are expected to be lifelong and exclusive, even in cases where sexual gratification is no longer possible. The more same-sex couples adopt, the more widespread will be the loss of the public norm of children having both a mother and a father as committed presences in their lives. It fulfils the primary purpose of sexual dimorphism and establishes strong and lasting relations between the genders, the two halves of the human race. For this reason, I think that we need to begin with a strong and richly developed understanding of marriage and reason from there. Questionable ones, I believe. Nor, more importantly, is there much of a cultural desire for it: This is not to deny the great level of intimacy and commitment that can exist between same-sex couples, but to make the surprisingly controversial point that the objective meaning and value of sexual relations between men and women goes so much beyond mere private intimacy. The reason why circles cannot be squared or women cannot be fathers is not on account of a lack of permission. There are potential anachronisms on all sides here. Polygamy has male-female bonds at its heart. Where sex is depersonalized, children especially the unborn in turn tend to be depersonalized, and the bond between biological parents and their children weakened.

    Same sex marriage questions

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      This natural reality has several dimensions, including: On what basis do opponents of same-sex marriage say that it will lead to polygamy?

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      Discrimination, in the sense of wise and careful discernment of relevant factors, is essential, as is close attention to the dimensions of specific situations.

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