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    City dwellers are not new to prostitution, with Nairobi experiencing an influx of women flocking the city to engage in what is regarded as the world's oldest profession. These women of the night can be seen standing on the pavements almost naked and waiting for clients. Koinange Street had been regarded by many as Nairobi's red light district where commercial sex workers operate. Lined with stalls that are used by traders selling groceries and second-hand clothes during the day, the main street linking Kobil Petrol Station to the interior parts of AA is the centre of the commercial sex trade. Street whores in Nairobi are cheaper in residential areas than what they cost in the city center. When you have no studies and the few jobs you can access are underpaid, sex work is a viable option to pull ahead your life and your family", expresses Mary. They are commercial sex workers. It is used to cover cases of corruption. From drunken customers or ruthless machoes, a broad amalgam of abusers hide in the crowd of regulars in the brothels of Nairobi.

    Sex in the city nairobi kenya

    Some girls pay bribes to the police or give them free sex To keep sex work in the shadows of the legislative and constitutional spheres, not only feeds corruption but encourages the violation of human rights. Some look more feminine than others. Need I say she is stereotyped as Kikuyu? It dictates a host of disenfranchising ethnic narratives that are under currents defining sexual identity and expression in the city. At first glance they seem strong girls, but most of them have suffered episodes of gender violence while serving as sex workers. Going by this, it could be a story of exotic passion as we are made to believe cross-cultural relationships are. Times when a lover becomes a stranger, unsurprisingly, invariably kills the joy in life, even if just for a fleeting moment. Meanwhile, sex workers take the brunt, being victims of endemic violence. Mary, in her turn, reaffirms that most of the time, the arrests of the sex workers have the only goal of collecting money illegally. Pipeline Pipeline estate has become famous for commercial sex workers who come outside the city from the neighbouring Machakos county and have rented bedsitters which they use as their operation bases. Politics and Sex The quality to disrupt the monotony of life, is an integral ingredient of pop music. Next to him, two young Kenyans about eighteen don't take their eyes off the customers who stop looking for cheap sex. Hilda, who works as a nurse at the Kenyatta National Hospital , corroborates it. It is pop Kikuyu music all the way. According to Patrick Musimbi, who lives in AA, the trend is eroding the moral fabric and values that society stands for. Like this nude silhouette of a woman lying on her back, legs crossed and breasts cupped in her hands, in a deliberate pose that screams seduction — given its tasteful play on voyeuristic vulgarity, subtle animalistic references to sex, sensuality and shyness — so is the enchnating story of love and sex in Nairobi. A regular customer is waiting for her at the pub reception. The prostitutes also earn a commission for every client they take to the rooms, which adds to their daily earnings. Dandora Dandora once the crime capital of Nairobi is now a base for low-end prostitution in the city with commercial sex workers in this estate competing with those from Majengo in providing cheap sex to clients. Policies that some critics reckon account for nothing beyond whoring for donor cash. It is not Spring Break crazy. Tenants have tapped into the demand for cheap houses for the business, and have built lodges around popular clubs that serve the prostitutes and their clients. Indeed, most are illegal in Kenya. The dimly-lit streets provide a perfect cover for the ladies, who line the deserted stalls as they wait for their clients, mainly comprising area residents, regular clients and revellers. But anyone planning to visit Nairobi for a bit of fun would do themselves a whole lot of good picking up a few words.

    Sex in the city nairobi kenya

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      More importantly though is that this verse should be seen as a seminal point in the feminist movement in Kenya. If we take Kikuyu privilege as a social phenomenon, then we have to correctly label the stereotypes laden on Kikuyu women.

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