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    Take for example, the Jaguar XK-E. Expect it to be decadent. This zippy little hatchback is the perfect car for the city dweller: The character lines on the side doors are ingenious and sexy. Nobody will ever accuse you of spending too much money on a car like the Civic, no matter how red it is. This is a given. This little crossover is fun and smooth drive, is well equipped and scored a five-star ANCAP safety rating. The car's impeccable balance and always-excellent five-speed manual transmission makes these cool little cars quite desirable for driving purists.

    Sexy new cars

    From cute to crazy-hot, here are seven of the sexiest cars that will be hitting Australian roads this year. Sure, you can spend more money on a fully-loaded Audi, but at this point the Stinger is more unique. Even with the small powerplant, it offers sharp handling, stellar fuel economy, and a retro styling that gives it a cult following. At the time it was introduced, the GT was the most powerful production car made in America. The car helps separate Kia from its onetime "cheap commuter car" image. This zippy little hatchback is the perfect car for the city dweller: Our Runners-Up Of course we have to be realistic here. The slick exterior is cool, but some of the sportier touches, like black-and-red seat inserts and a blind-spot camera, are found inside. Many cars in the late 60s and 70s were sexy because car makers had their own style. Maserati Granturismo http: This is a given. Range Rover says it started developing and designing unique materials to use in the cabin three years ago. But what makes it sexy is its overall appeal. Just look at the sea of cars in the busy streets of the metro and they seem to look the same. Miatas also have a huge aftermarket community with amazing parts available. As we all know, sexy takes many forms. This mustang came with a supercharged, valve dual-overhead cam with 4. Its compact design makes for a nimble car that can get you around town, fast, and parks pretty much anywhere. With a pully change and tune, this car would easily get in the horsepower range. Every design is well-integrated, with the dome design near the C-Pillar breaking the monotony—just for the thrill of it. Line and form are important—there should be a balance of curves and edges that should appeal to both men and women. Dodge Challenger http: The LC will arrive in Australia in May and there will also be a hybrid variant on offer. They should stand out. Perfectly balanced and powerfully-built, it blends sexiness and confidence in an understated manner.

    Sexy new cars

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      This car confidently struts itself with straightforward lines and lesser curves, so it really gives off a more masculine vibe instead of a sensual feel. Its front-engine, rear-wheel-drive design allows for some serious fun on the street—or at the track.

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