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    This is why sexual energy is a big one to recap. In other words, if your first time still gives you a throb, it really needs to be recapped. The way they express their sexuality can still create problems due to patterns in their energy. If you didn't invest much, there isn't much to recap, though the connection is still there. The problems with that become obvious. Imagine a meter that goes from 1 to I'm reminded to get out of my own way and to allow it all to flow.

    Shamantic sex

    I just think masturbation, unless it's really excessive, isn't that much of an energetic problem, unless it causes you to fantasize a lot. In this training you will come to a point where you can choose, completely and resolutely, without reservation, to fling yourself off the edge Yes, you can look at the patterns, and then work on recapping the feelings of sexual arousal themselves. The cost of the event does NOT include food or lodging and is priced on a sliding scale based on your income and the value you receive from the training. While the energy exchange is in many ways more intense and deeper than other forms of interaction, other things can be just as deep - especially if they are the result of, or reinforcing patterns in your life. You also have a diminished drive to entangle yourself. The mistake people make is to assume they are so completely made up one way or the other. Just as in the interactions on other levels, the problem is it's deeper and bound more towards the center of people because of the intensity of the energy. Because people view themselves so strongly as being one way or the other sexually, they often never see a predator like that coming at them. Thank you" - B. It will reopen all that to, well, new stuff. That sort of direct contact strikes at the root of human interaction and therefore is rich in the way we stay connected to it in our past. But as long as you include this aspect of energy retrieval in your normal recapping, it will take care of a great deal of it, or even most of it, since most sex people have is pretty boring when you get right down to it. For any questions please email: It's a powerful experience and a rare opportunity for folk to step into their power and address old wounds which hold us back from living with joy and freedom. It has given me a platform for an ongoing freedom which has enriched my life beyond my wildest dreams. You yourself are the other part of this practice. It shines a light up to say 'come back to yourself remember and be whole'. No contact with others required. These two positions are nearly impossible to move from experientially, they are both the extreme ends of the scale. If you can break the expectation aspects of it, you pretty much contain it down to the level of any other interaction, only sweatier. But it is by no means the dominant energy we have access to in living. Of course, this isn't such a good thing if you expect to ever have a sex life again. It is of course a practice that relies on your spirit-ally that actually has the last word on this. It's the depth of the hooks and why they are there in the first place.

    Shamantic sex

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